The core team of No Hard Feelings have been raiding together for a long time, and while the primary values stem from late Wrath of the Lich King, the guild in it's current form was born as 'Archangel' on Auchindoun Europe in Patch 5.4.

Zafu, Nadashi & Darktheist created Archangel as a 10 player hardcore raiding guild, aiming to compete for high realm ranks on Auchindoun. Though we started late into the tier, the guild successfully achieved the realm's 2nd Garrosh Heroic kill on 10 player; losing by a couple of weeks to a 25 player guild which had downsized.

This achievement set in stone the goal for future tiers: to achieve competitive rankings while maintaining a steady, manageable schedule.

Notable People:

Zafu / Nadashi / Darktheist - Officers (10 & 25)

Lithal / Lysty - Officers (25)

Twistedblade - the singing rogue

December 2013 to November 2014 - Patch 5.4

Enter: Warlords of Draenor. The guild, now expanded into the new 20 player raiding size, began tackling Highmaul. Despite roster pressures over the Christmas period, we managed to achieve 5 Mythic Boss kills before moving into Blackrock Foundry.

Raid leadership for this tier moved from Zafu to Darktheist & ex. main tank Lysty, who secured a respectable realm rank through much hard work and dedication. 

Notable People:

Nadashi / Lysty / Darktheist / Jabora - Officers

November 2014 to March 2015 - Patch 6.0

After a realm transfer to Stormscale to assist with recruitment, the guild picked up Blackrock Foundry progression and achieved 6 mythic boss kills before the release of Hellfire Citadel. During this time, the roster underwent a number of changes, and many of the core members that began with us this tier remained throughout Legion.

Notable People:

Zafu / Lysty / Nadashi / Ecli - Officers

March 2015 to July 2015 - Patch 6.1

During Hellfire Citadel, the guild transferred to Silvermoon and became 'No Hard Feelings' following a brief period of raiding with another guild on Silvermoon. During this time, we updated the guild with a new raiding manifesto with the ultimate goal of clearing current content as it was released. During Hellfire Citadel, the mythic team flexed their raiding muscles, securing a complete 13/13M clear with very little prior experience in just 12 weeks. Our Legion roster was finalised as we prepared ourselves for August 30th 2016.

Notable People:

Zafu / Nadashi / Glasroy / Asstec - Officers

July 2015 to August 2016 - Patch 6.2

Legion kicked off in an epic way for No Hard Feelings as we joined the race to clear Emerald Nightmare on Mythic. We secured a respectable realm 8th kill on Mythic Xavius and welcomed on board a lot of great new raiders. As Trial of Valor was released, circumstance lead to the guild taking a 2 month break from raiding, returning in time for Nighthold. 

Notable People:

Zafu / Nadashi / Asstec / Alexxie - Officers

August 2016 to December 2016 - Patch 7.0


Trial of Valor and Nighthold started late for the guild - with the roster mostly rebuilt from the ground up outside of the return of a few key players. Raid days and times were adjusted and the guild quickly had a capable mythic roster. We achieved a Gul'Dan mythic kill with plenty of time left before the launch of Tomb of Sargeras.

Notable People:

Zafu / Nadashi / Darktheist - Officers

February 2017 to June 2017 - Patch 7.1


Tomb of Sargeras is the tier that "got away". Numerous roster changes and real-life circumstances meant that raiding tailed off after a storming start to the tier, including a realm 2nd Sisters of the Moon kill. Unfortunately, everyone's favourite fight - Mistress Sassz'ine - was just too much. We took things easy until the release of Antorus.

Notable People:

Zafu / Nadashi / Darktheist / Carpark - Officers

June 2017 to December 2017 - Patch 7.2


Antorus presented an opportunity for us to join forces with some of the raid team from Carnage Inc who had recently stopped raiding. With renewed energy and a strategy set out, the guild made swift progress through Antorus and took the Realm 6th kill on Argus the Unmaker. During this tier, we adjusted raid days to combat lag on Silvermoon - taking away Wednesdays and adding Tuesday's instead.

Notable People:

Zafu / Nadashi / Carpark / Zerach - Officers

December 2017 to August 2018 - Patch 7.3


August 2018 - January 2019 - Patch 8.0

As BFA launched, the guild held a 30-player strong roster and the enthusiasm was palpable. With Hall of Fame being added, we challenged ourselves to push for that. Our raiders rose to the challenge, making quick work of Mythic: Uldir and achieving the 99th Alliance kill on G'huun - followed, just 13 minutes later, by Phoenix - also on Silvermoon - who claimed world 100th (A). Many thanks to Tjfe, who, proving the shaman can be useful, managed to re-incarnate and finished the boss with a lava burst as the rest of us lay dead on the ground. 

Notable People:

Zafu / Nadashi / Min / Tarrackk - Officers


January 2019 to May 2019 - Patch 8.1

Battle for Dazar'Alor saw the team in a strong position - progressing with immense speed to secure the realm 3rd Jaina kill and a respectable 69th Alliance side victory. Island expeditions and world quests became a staple in everyone's lives throughout the tier - fun times.  

Notable People:

Nadashi / Ado / Tjfe / Deliquescent - Officers


May 2019 - June 2019 - Patch 8.1.5

We achieved realm 1st Uu'nat while we were at it, in a highly competitive race against all other top guilds on Silvermoon.

Oh, wait, only two guilds tried it. But we still talk about it. 

Notable People:

Zafu / Nadashi / Tjfe - Officers


June 2019 - January 2020 - Patch 8.2

Azerite will prevail. Further grinding - both for Heart of Azeroth levels and to re-kill Lady Ashvane - as well as the wonderfully timed Classic WoW launch, made this a tough tier for NHF. Despite the challenges, we were able to scrape our way to a Hall of Fame title for Azshara too. Great job to everyone who supported through this tough patch!

Notable People:

Zafu / Nadashi / Tjfe - Officers


January 2020 - October 2020 - Patch 8.3

Ny'alotha saw us replace a number of players burned out after the exhaustion experienced in Eternal Palace. Roster rebuilt and established, the guild was able to cut through the fleshy minions of N'zoth - both in the main raid and, for the first time, in a secondary "alt team". This became the basis for Little Hard Feelings going into Shadowlands. Approaching the expansion, the roster is in a strong place and ready to face new challenges. 

Notable People:

Nadashi / Boltern / Fabray (+some Zafu) - Officers